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We proactively bring together ideas, founders and capital. And we combine all this with our hands-on involvement to increase a venture probability of success.


We spot potential in ideas and talent in people early and often. 


We proactively look after our investments as an institutional co-founder. We actively support our founders.


We support our start-ups from seed to our exit.



We mainly develop our own ideas together with outstanding founders we find. Our proactive founder scouting approach ensures us the very best chance of success, allowing us to also leverage our strength in generating deal flow. 

Being inside the venture tent gives us some advantages over traditional VC investors, who orbit in close proximity outside. 

Our day-to-day involvement means that we are integrated at all levels in our startups.  This gives us considerable contextual awareness of what is going on. As a perpetual entrepreneur we use our strong pattern matching to instigate timely course corrections before they grow into an existential crisis. 

Being inside the tent, truly understanding the idea and team, is a huge advantage.





Our start-ups ventures provide a scarce opportunity to generate highly attractive returns for our co-investors because of our intimacy, hands-on approach, team and ideas.

We use our own capital to fund ideas pre-seed when they are of greatest risk. This is where we create lots of value from an idea.

From the initial funding round onwards, capital for our ventures increasingly flows from independent sophisticated investors providing important growth capital and network.

In early rounds we provide sophisticated investors, family offices, and high net worth individuals with great opportunities to put funds to work.

During subsequent rounds our investments mirror those of independent investors at the same terms. 




While we would love to hit a few out of the park with an IPO, these are the exceptions not the rule in venturing. This can take more than a decade to achieve when possible.

A key aspect to our business model is that we design our ventures to be attractive acquisition targets by dominant corporate incumbents. We’ve taken a leaf from big techs’ play book. We’re comfortable emulating the Instagram/Facebook type transaction.

This trade sale approach means we reach liquidity events faster and allows us to turnover our capital and redeploy it to the next batch of future venture success stories where the greatest returns await.

Corporates can leverage their resources and massive distribution scale to boost a startup into another level. We strive that our ventures become the next exceptional growth story for corporate acquirers.  

Faster exits mean faster turnover of funds, less timing risk and more optionality for putting funds to work. Our investment horizons are three to five years.




We're not a development studio. We're not venture capitalists, nor accelerator nor an incubator - we're venturers with skin in the game who mainly originate our ideas.

We use our execution experience, capital, and relationships to build valuable businesses that are impactful.

In a nutshell, we turn our original ideas into highly valuable companies.

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